A masterbatch is an additive that is used to color plastics and synthetic filaments (color masterbatch) and/or adding mechanical and thermal properties to plastics and synthetic filaments (additive masterbatch).

It is a concentrate of pigments and/or additives that is encapsulated with a polymer-plastic carrier by an extrusion process and then cooled down and cut into finished granulates.

A mono-batch contains color pigments, a combi-batch combines color pigments and additives.

At Italmaster, pre-dispersed monopigments (granulate form) are mixed to develop the desired custom-specific masterbatch in a variety of colors.
Further in the process the mix of granulates are extruded into the customer-specific masterbatch, the semi-finished product for the plastic processor.

The biggest part of our masterbatch requests are for applications in PPC, PPH and PE.

However, in collaboration with a number of flexible, reputed partners, Italmaster also offers a trading service for monopigments (granulate form) and masterbatches based on PP, PA, PBT, TPE, TPU, ABS, PS, ASA, SAN, PVC, …


Tailor-made masterbatch

Color masterbatch
Additive masterbatch
Tailor-made masterbatch


The color masterbatch makes it possible to color plastic granulates in an economically, smooth and clean way in the processing process of the plastic processor thanks to a great flexibility in the dye formulas.

The dye formulas can even be reproduced years later with absolute fidelity to the original. The formula for a specific color masterbatch is developed in our laboratory based on specific customer requirements.

Tailor-made masterbatch


These additives influence the optical, mechanical and thermal properties of the plastic in order to meet the specifications of the end product.

Optical properties

  • metalic look
  • glitter look
  • interference effect
  • pearl shine
  • fluorescent effect
  • glow-in-the-dark effect
  • reflective effect

Mechanical and thermal properties

  • light and weather stability
  • temperature resistance
  • flame-retardant properties
  • antistatic properties
  • conductive properties


In close cooperation with a number of flexible and reputed partners, Italmaster offers as a one-stop-shop partner and in addition to customer-specific masterbatches, also monopigments
(granulate form) based on various polymer carriers such as PP, PE, PA, PBT, TPE, TPU, ABS, PS, ASA, SAN, PVC, …


Additives are ready-to-use granulates where the desired polymer granulate has already been optimally mixed with the required color and additive masterbatches. Additives can therefore be processed immediately without the need to add masterbatch in the extrusion or injection moulding process.