Recyclates in colors. Development of a masterbatch using recycled polymers.

Recyclates do not always have to be in black, grey or another dull color, you can also have them in more appealing colors. With the development of specific color masterbatches, Italmaster offers its know-how and experience to help color PCR and PIR (Post Consumer Recyclate and Post Industrial Recyclate).

The process of developing a masterbatch to color a part in a recycled polymer is similar to developing a color masterbatch for a prime polymer… and we do this more than 1000 times per year…

Despite the fact that coloring or “over-coloring” recycled materials with masterbatch is perfectly possible, the feasibility of the masterbatch development is highly dependent on the color of the recyclate itself (color material input) and the desired color result that needs to be achieved (color output).

Each coloring job has to analysed separately in order to see if - with a given color of the recyclate - the desired color or a good approach can be obtained with a specific color masterbatch. Upfront and in a transparent way, we also discuss the economical aspect of every coloring job, while high coloring percentages may have no economic interest.

As long as the material flow of the recyclate has a constant color tolerance, the same masterbatch can be used to obtain a given color. If the recycled material flow varies too much in color from one batch to another, an adjusted masterbatch will have to be developed each time in order to get a similar color result. This is exactly where our flexibility and agility can make a big difference to make the coloring of the recyclates successful.

Our team is enthusiastic to support you in all your queries in developing nice colors for your recyclates taking into account all possibilities and limits the color job may present.  

Published on: 07/09/2021